Our work for JDE

Hybrid Integration Architecture deployment


Jacobs Douwe Egberts is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and constitutes of a retail business and professional business.


JDE required a Hybrid Integration Platform which would help achieve its Digital Transformation goals of reducing development time, lowering TCO and improving operational effectiveness.

The project consisted of a selection phase, based on an RFP, and a realization phase. The timeline for this project was set to 6 months.


In the first phase an iPaaS and a System Integrator where selected. The assessment criteria for iPaaS included cloud integration, B2B, and API management capabilities. The System Integrator was selected based on its Hybrid Integration Architecture recommendation for JDE and had to prove itself in a PoC.

Hashtag Integration was requested as strategic adviser and tasked to validate the System Integrator and iPaaS selection to JDE’s requirements.


In the realization phase the iPaaS service and Hybrid Integration architecture were delivered. Opposite to JDE’s expectations the deliverables had to be developed from the ground up by the System Integrator, which put pressure on the project timelines.


Here our role changed, and we were not only asked to validate the deliverables but also to drive fulfillment.


Despite these setbacks both HIP architecture and iPaaS service were successfully delivered on time with minor activities pending completion.



  • Selecting the best iPaaS and System Integrator for JDE’s requirements
  • Realizing the full HIP architecture, including all artifacts, on time
  • Embedding an iPaaS Integration service into JDE’s IT operating model


“Hashtag Integration has been impactful in shaping JDE’s Integration road map and strategy“

Guarav Kumar, Manager CoE Integration, Jacobs Douwe Egberts