Integration Strategy & Architecture


Integration Strategy & Architecture

Govern your strategic Integration demand


Integration is an essential enabler for Digital Transformation and is required in 70% of all business initiatives. This domain has transformed from traditional system Integration to include IoT, API Management, Complex Event Processing and other technologies.


Hashtag Integration is an expert on Integration Architectures in complex environments. Our experience allows us to develop your Integration strategy based on your mission and vision.

Develop your Integration strategy


The purpose of an Integration strategy is to enable business transformation. Maintaining an Integration strategy allows you to control cost and take advantage of new technologies and enable best-practices to further your Digital Transformation. It ensures your Integration demand can be fulfilled when needed.

We can help you

  • Translate your strategic Integration demand into IT functions
  • Outline your strategic objectives supported by a business case
  • Define and implement policies in support of your strategy
  • Govern your Integration strategy and achieve your objectives

Maintain your Integration architectures


Integration architectures comprise of people, systems; processes and controls.  These architectures fulfill your organization’s Integration demand and must continuously adapt to project needs.

Let us help  you to

  • Maintain your architecture to keep up with Digital Transformation needs
  • Optimize your Integration processes for realization and operation
  • Select the best Integration system or service to fit your needs
  • Validate 3rd party product and service offers to your requirements