Solution Architecture Design


Solution Architecture Design

Solution Architecture and Integration


Solution architectures today always require some form of Integration introducing challenges to your projects. The Integration domain is a highly technical affecting the project realization.


Hashtag Integration has vast experience designing and implementing solution architectures across diverse industries and process domains. Our expertise on Integration gives us an advantage.

Accelerate project realization


Despite Integration challenges, it is possible to optimize your fulfillment and provide the best outcome. Clear information and anticipation avoid misconceptions and delays.

Our approach

  • Set stakeholder’s expectations early on in the project
  • Raise awareness on ‘external’ factors affecting your project
  • Identify dependencies and critical paths for project realization
  • Govern project scope and govern realization

Design better solution architectures and deploy your strategy


Solution architects trade off business requirements to value and cost. Business and IT strategies need to be balanced to short term project needs. All factors have to be weighed to design the most optimum solution supported by a design rationale.

Our methods

  • Drive solution design and decision making processes
  • Design comprehensive and sustainable solutions
  • Govern the IT strategy and fight for the ‘right’ solution
  • Safeguard operational performance of shared systems

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